Auron Resort, (ski in the winter & hike in the summer), Auron

Auron is located just 90 kilometers from Nice and is a great place to visit in both the summer and the winter. It’s one of the most beautiful ski areas in the southern alps, located at the gateway of the Mercantour National Park.
It has the intimacy of a small village nestled in a ski area that combines quality and technical pleasure of 135 km of trails that extend across 4 territories: Las Donnas, Sauma Longue, Demandols and Lieuson. Auron was founded around 1930 and has a beautiful small chapel with a romanesque bell tower and timber lath roofing, which is really typical of the southern alps. The village itself itself is located at 1140 meters and is directly linked to the Auron ski area through the Pinatelle cablecar. It’s charming with mountain architecture and an Italian style.


There is a swimming pool in the village as well as tennis courts, horseback riding, archery and fishing offered.
The resort offers 135 kilometers of ski runs, 43 slopes (8 black, 16 red, 16 blue and 3 green) There are 16 lifts, 3 cable cars, 3 drag lifts and a tearlift.
The resort offers 135 kms of ski runs
43 slopes : 8 blacks, 16 reds, 16 blues, 3 greens, 16 skilifts : 3 cable cars, 9 chairlifts, 3 draglifts, 1 tearlift, at an elevation of 1600 to 2450 meters. It’s located right above the Tinee Valley near the town of Saint-Etienne-De-Tinee.


I was there for a week this summer and was amazed at how spread out it is. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I hiked every single day. There are rocky roads and broad flower filled meadows to hike up towards the ski resort, as well as well cut trails for both hiking and mountain biking. There are hikes in the area that range from one hour to 2 days.


I absolutely loved to go out in the morning and hike up for an hour or so and then sit in the shade and have a sandwich before hiking back down to the village. I rarely saw other people hiking since the trails are so vast and spread out.
I loved my visit here and hope to come back this winter to ski.

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