Cote Jardin restaurant

If you want a place to get away, relax under the trees and enjoy a book or a quiet lunch with a friend, this is the place. Hang out as long as you’s like, connect to wifi or un connect and listen to the birds. Fresh food, good prices and gorgeous scenery.

imageA good friend of mine suggested that we have lunch at Cote Garden last week and I told her I’d never been there. How had I not discovered this place? It’s right in the center of Cogolin but as soon as you walk through the gates, you feel like your in Indonesia. There are tables, couches and booths to lounge in and old trees reaching up towards the sky above. You hear the sound of birds, not traffic here. I had a salad with parmesan and my friend had the hamburger. the food is simple but fresh and the prices are reasonable. I went back the next day as soon as they opened and ordered a cafe au lait and a croissant and spent the next few hours working remotely from my computer.
Cote Jardin restaurant
1 rue Gambetta
83310 Cogolin
+33 (0) 494541036

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