Hotel Ermitage

This beautiful hotel has a gorgeous terrace to have a drink and watch the sun setting over Saint Tropez and it’s just two minutes away from the center of town.

imageIt’s a great spot for a romantic date or night out with friends. The location is nice as you can see the roofs of Saint Tropez and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The ambience is lively but chill at the same time. The DJ plays great music and it’s easy to have a conversation. There is a place to “joue aux boules”, to “jouer la petanques” in front, with a few tables to have a drink while playing the game. Petanques is a popular game in france that originated in Provence in 1907. The rooms in the hotel are small but comfortable. Be sure to reserve far in advance, especially during summer if you plan to spend a night there.

imageThe food in the restaurant, Le Tigrr, is Asian inspired- dim sims, spring rolls, sushi rolls etc… It’s a pretty unique venue and I would definitely recommend taking an evening to
check it out.
Hotel Hermitage
14 avenue Paul Signac
83990 Saint Tropez
+33 (0) 494810810

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