Hotel Sube


Hotel Sube is a beautiful three star hotel located right in the port of Saint Tropez. There’s a
great bar there with a small balcony overlooking the port. It’s only large enough for five tables,
but if you can get one, the view is extraordinary! It is one of my favorite spots to have l’apero,
(to have a drink) in the evening around 7pm and watch the gorgeous colors of the sunset, the
beautiful yachts and the people strolling along the port.
The hotel itself is one of the oldest in Saint Tropez. It has twenty four rooms, all newly
renovated. You can get a room with a private terrace and have a beautiful breakfast there in the
morning or a room with a balcony. Prices range from 180 to 400 euros.


It’s got quite a history as well. In the 19th century, Marquis Alban Martin of Roquebrune lived in
the Sube, it was his private mansion and he had the famous statue of Bailli de Suffren erected
right in front of the building. Alexandre Dumas attended the inauguration of the statue on April 4,
1866. Shortly thereafter, the Sube was turned in a hotel. Guy de Maupassant was another
famous writer who spent a lot of time at there. He describes the hotel in his book “Sur l’eau” in
1876, nicknaming it “Hôtel du Bailli de Suffren”.

Many other writers and artists spent time at the Sube: Paul Signac, the fauvists Camoin,
Manguin and writers Colette and Apollinaire. Orson Welles even installed his easel to paint a
scene of the Bravade which celebrates the military and religious history of Saint-Tropez each


The address is: 15 Quai de Suffren, 83990 Saint-Tropez
Telephone: +33(0)4 94 97 30 04

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