Luna Rossa is seriously my favorite restaurant in Saint Tropez.
Why? Three reasons, the first being Casto and Angelo. These two Italians give this restaurant
it’s joie de vivre, ambience and lots of personality. Second is of course is the amazing food
here. It is the best pasta that I’ve tasted in Saint Tropez. And third, is the location. The
restaurant is just a few minutes away from the port in and there is a beautiful large outdoor
patio for dining, once the temperature cools off here.


Luna Rossa is the name of an famous early 19th century Neapolitan opera song. It’s a romantic
ballad that’s famous throughout Italy. It means “blushing moon”.
Frank Sinatra even sang this song when I danced with him at the Sporting Club in Monaco in
1992. Here are a few of my favorite lyrics from the song….

“Oh luna rossa, you’re out tonight,
A moon of red in a sky of white,
Because I’m selling a lie tonight,
And blushing moon, you know of it.
Oh luna rossa, you’re smart at love
You know I’m playing the part of love,
I try my hand in the art of love,
Just for the thrill and glow of it”


Casto and Angelo both come from the region of Puglia, and the village of Taranto which lies on
the Ionian sea and is right at the “tip” of the boot in Italy. All of the products they use in the
restaurant come from this region, from the south of Italy. Everything is homemade. The pasta is
made fresh each day, the fish is purchased fresh out of the water at the port in Saint Tropez and
all the desserts are all homemade.
My favorite two dishes are the Paccheri all”Orata (pasta with dorade) and the Linguine all
Vongole (pasta with clams). For dessert, I always get the panacotta with fresh strawberries.
Bettina makes the best pannacotta ever!
All of the wine served here is Italian, with the exception of one bottle of Cote de Provence. The
kitchen is only one large enough for one chef. This is an authentic, family owned and run
business with fresh seasonal products and true Italian ambiance. Castro’s father started it and
Casto started working there 23 years ago. He and Betting took over the restaurant when they
were married ten years ago and then Angelo joined them just three years ago.



When I was there last week, Angelo showed me a photo of his ninety eight year old
grandmother, making homemade fresh pasta on his last visit to Taranto.
This restaurant carries on these beautiful family traditions that began in childhood, the creation
and appreciation of good food. There is a lot of Italian spoken passionately here, lots of hand
gestures and so much laughter. You feel right at home but at the same time, this is a beautiful
restaurant with fine dining, very reasonable prices and perfect portion sizes. you will never leave


I have been coming to eat and drink and socialize here for three summers now and it just keeps
getting better and better. Casto, Bettina and Angelo are all kind and generous and have become
part of my wonderful “family” here in the south of France.


The address is: 26 Rue Allard, 83990, saint Tropez
Telephone: +33 (0)494973127

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