Saint Tropez market, Place des lices

The Place des Lices in the heart of St.-Tropez is a wonderful place to hold an open-air market. When the market isn’t going on, you can see how its 100-year old trees divide it into seven long arcades and create a beautiful canopy of filtered sunlight. The view looking down this tree lined arcade is almost exactly the same today, as it was when Charles Camoin captured it in 1936. On non-market days, boule players get together in small groups early in the morning and play until the wee hours of the next morning. But every Tuesday and Saturday from 8am to 1pm, they make way for an open-air market to be set up here.


The present day Place des Lices began to take shape in the early 1800’s when 12 trees were planted. The area probably dates back to the 9th or 10th century when it might have been used as a jousting ground (lices actually means jousting).
This is definitely not a typical village farmers market in the sense that the vendors grow the produce they sell there. However, you can find a few local farmers as well as vendors selling home made prepared items such as olives, breads, tapenade, paella, jams, tartes and breads.


You can find lots of specialties from provence sold here and the market is filled with both locals and tourists doing their shopping. I will say that it’s not the best place to find bargains. It’s expensive but you can find really unique items here. I think that the real beauty of this market is simply strolling through the different booths and stalls, smelling the fresh scent of lavender or the huge pans of fresh paella cooking and the endless assortment of french sausages and cheeses. Be sure to get to the market early, before the crowds arrive. There is a parking complex just a block away which makes parking easy.


If you are looking for a fun spot to pick up gifts for friends and relatives before leaving Saint Tropez, this is the place. My favorite time to go is around 9am and then spend some time strolling through the market. Next I like to go sit in one of the cafes surrounding the place des lices and enjoy a cafe and a croissant. I also love to do my food shopping here on Saturday and then head home to make a fresh delicious lunch with friends.
Marche de Saint Tropez
Place des Lices
Tuesday & Saturday, 8am-1pm

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